Where to learn more


There are many good books out there which have given both instruction and inspiration on creating objects with Polymer Clay. They have consistently beautiful photography of the items discussed. A few of my favorites are:

  • Nan Roche. The New Clay. Flower Valley Press, Rockville, MD, 1991. ISBN 0-9620543-4-8. This is a very nice beginners’ to intermediate book. It covers tools, color, and lots of information on basic shapes and other topics.
  • Leslie Dierks. Creative Clay Jewelry. Lark Books, Asheville, North Carolina, 1994. ISBN 0-937274-74-7. This book contains lots of great ideas including information on bead making. It also has a good tutorial on making face canes.
  • Steven Ford and Leslie Dierks. Creating with Polymer Clay. Lark Books, Asheville, North Carolina, 1996. ISBN 0-932274-95-x. This is a great book. After an introductory tutorial, the authors cover special techniques such as mosaics, image transfers, surface treatments, press molds, and veneers. Following that, there is a beautiful section on projects by a large variety of artists, where each artist covers needed materials and step-by-step techniques for achieving a similar result.