My name is Mindy Myers Fox, and I love to work with Polymer Clay. This site will tell you a little bit about this favorite hobby: making jewelry and other things with Polymer Clay.

Polymer Clay is a type of clay made from plastic. It can be shaped by hand at room temperature. When baked in a standard kitchen oven for a short time at low temperature, it becomes very hard. It comes in different colors, and the colors can be mixed together to form new colors.

The clay can be shaped in a mold or sculpted by hand to form three dimensional shapes. In addition, simple or intricate patterns can be formed by a technique similar to that used in the making of millifiori glass from Italy. In this technique, different colors are combined together in a cylinder called “cane.” In a cane, similar to refrigerator cookies, the colors go through the cylinder lengthwise. Cross sections of the cane are then cut from the cane, and these in turn can be combined together. See my pictures to get an idea of what can be done. These are all composed of clay, they are not painted at all.